Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Save the Date 2017

We're working hard to bring you the biggest and brightest lantern festival yet!
Make sure to save the date: Saturday, November 18, 2017.
More details coming soon!

Photo: Danny Sheppard

Monday, December 5, 2016

We Brought the Light!

Do you remember that night that we lit up the dark
When clutching our lanterns we met in the park?

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

Then we set off down Main Street our lanterns held high

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

Flowing through Picton like a bright-beautiful tide.

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

Our drums we did bang...

Photo: Johnny C.Y. Lam

 And our horns we did blow...

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

And together we walked and we carried that glow

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

'Til we made our way to a most magical place

Photo: Craig Morrison

Where smiles could be found on every face.

Photo: Luke Hendry, Belleville Intelligencer

We played in the midway...

Photo: Johnny C.Y. Lam

And we danced to the band...

Dave Clark & The Woodshed Orchestra. Photo: Ramesh Pooran

We were dazzled by performers from all over the land.

Erin Ball of Kingston Circus Arts. Photo: Luke Hendry, Belleville Intelligencer.

The lions they roared...

Photo: Craig Morrison

And some fortunes were told...

Photo: Johnny C.Y. Lam

And the lantern gallery gave us much to behold.

Photo: Pamela Harwood

But let’s flash back for a moment to how it began

In the weeks before that night, we built all this with our hands

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

We made lanterns of every size and description

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

In town halls, in libraries, in stores and in kitchens.

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

And the thing about the festival that I most treasure

Photo: Ramesh Pooran

Is that all of us conjured this magic – together.

Until we meet again, keep those fires burning bright
Because the only way to fight the darkness is to bring more light.


A heartfelt THANK YOU to our 50+ volunteers, our 70+ donors, and to our sponsors: The Royal Hotel, Gilbert & Lighthall, Hartford & Stein, The Vic Café, Angelines and the Hubb, Green Gables, and the County of Prince Edward.

If you would like to be a volunteer or sponsor for the 2017 festival, 
please get in touch with

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Looks who's coming to town!

We're absolutely tickled that this year's musical guests are Dave Clark & the Woodshed Orchestra!

The Woodshed Orchestra mashes up classic dance styles from all over the world into a soulful celebration.

Legendary Toronto drummer Dave Clark (Rheostatics, Dinner is Ruined, The WoodChoppers Association, Gord Downie and Charles Spearin) pilots a five-piece horn section, four-piece rhythm section and full-ensemble vocals through New Orleans Funk, 2nd line and Jazz, R&B, Ska, Soul, Reggae, Punk, Rock n Roll, Blues, Country, Surf Rock, Neo-Greek, Ranchero, Polka, Disco, Samba, Afro-Pop, Waltz, New Wave, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Power Pop, Klezmer, Torch Ballads, Tango and Calypso, in an extraordinary celebration. This band is a funky, uplifting and joyful ride every time it plays.

Git yer dancing shoes on! This is going to be a real treat!